Ellen Elphick Dance Academy follows the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus

Class Descriptions

Baby Ballet: 30 minute class

This class is for children aged 2 to 4 years.  It aims to provide children with the basic foundations of classical ballet  that they will continue to use throughout their dancing lives.  Parents of the younger ones are welcome to join in for the first term until children gain confidence to be in the lesson on their own.  This class is fun, imaginative and engaging, making full use of props and storytelling.    Children will continue to develop their movement and coordination skills in this class while retaining movement sequences and technique.

Pre Primary Ballet (RAD): 45 Minute class

This class is for children ages 4 to 5 and is the first opportunity for children to rehearse a syllabus and enjoy performing it.  The syllabus is specifically designed to motivate, encourage and reward students of all abilities.  On completion of an Exam or Class Award children will move up to Primary Ballet and receive a certificate and a medal.   

Primary Ballet (RAD): 45 minute class

This is for children ages 5 to 6.  This class is more challenging technically and there is more syllabus to focus on compared to previous levels. It will build children's confidence  and encourage them to perform in pairs and in some cases solo for the Exam/Class Award.  Children will receive a certificate and medal on completion of the level.

Grade 1 Ballet (RAD): 45 minute class

This class is for children aged 7+ and is designed for children to continue to develop their classical ballet technique and gain more skills.  Character Dance is introduced and for the Exam/Class Award children will perform a classical and character solo.  Children will receive a certificate and medal on completion on the level.

Grade 2 Ballet (RAD): 1 hour class

This class is for children aged 8+ and incorporates classical ballet and character dance.  Children will continue to develop their technique in all aspects of ballet and character dance.  In this level students will begin to work at the barre for the first time.  This will help them work on having the correct posture and placement for the more challenging sequences in the centre.   

Please use the contact page to enquire about Grades 3 - 5 and Vocational Grades and Private Lessons
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